Special Events - Catch-Up

19th September 2020 at 10:30pm: "Birthday Special"

Friday 18th September from 10:30pm-Midnight

The 19th September 2020 marked the fourth anniversary of me giving my first ever dance class. Join me for a Midnight Chill show that includes some of the history of Jivebeat and Tangosynthesis, and my journey from attending my first ever dance class to teaching classes and running a radio station.



16th June 2020 at 10pm: "A View From the Shed of 2020"

Friday 17th July from 10pm-Midnight

Join me for a musical tour through a year that none of us expected. When 2020 began we had no idea that this would be the year when everything stopped, but as spring unfolded it soon became clear that any plans we had made would have to be put on hold. For each of us this time has been a very different experience, but despite that we have all been faced with very similar challenges. So whatever you are going through, hopefully this playlist will help us all feel a bit more connected.



Catch-Up Radio

The most recent Midnight Chill and Late(ish) Breakfast Show recordings are available on this site for about three or four weeks after their original broadcast date. XTango at Home broadcasts and any special events may well stay up for much longer.