DJ Graham G

Graham DJing at one of his Jivebeat LeRoc dance events

Who is he?

Graham has been working with sound since he was a teenager, and grew up around musicians, DJs, sound and lighting engineers, and everything that goes along with live music. He plays the guitar (passably), the keyboard (terribly), and dabbles in a number of other instruments with variable results.

He first began to DJ when his sound engineering hobby had turned into something of a business, and events and fairs where he was providing PA and lighting needed a DJ to fill in between main acts. This then grew into a regular thing, and so when he started a dance school (Jivebeat LeRoc, then Tangosynthesis) he was already set up to run dance events, classes, and more.

Since then Graham has expanded his sound and lighting business (as The Lacuna Works) and regularly DJs at dance events, local fairs, and parties. Jivebeat Radio was started in the 2020 lockdown as a way to keep in touch with his dancers and friends, but it has grown from that initial idea and gained a life of its own.

When we are all able to meet again in person, come and join us at Tangosynthesis for dancing, music, and some much needed social interaction.