The Dance Show

Jivebeat Radio was set up as a community radio station for dancers, and tonight's show focusses on that with announcements from all over the UK tango world. Listen to the show for the details, but the links I mention throughout are as follows:

UK Argentine Tango Association -

Paisley Tango (Sat 9th Jan 19:00-20:00) - Paisley Porteno Zoom Milonga 

Tango Cafe (Sun 17th Jan 17:00-19:00) -

Ministry of Milonga (Sundays 15:00-16:30) -

Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy (Classes) -

BERSERK - Blues Enthusiasts Resident in the South East Region of Kent - On Facebook

Happy dancing!


Show host: Graham G


When we are all able to meet again in person, come and join us at Tangosynthesis for dancing, music, and some much needed social interaction.