The Shows

The Dance Show

Live broadcast on Fridays at 22:30, and repeated throughout the week.

Join Graham for a selection of music and for his take on what might have been happening in the dance world over the last week. He talks about classes, social dances, teaching styles, Strictly (yes, of course), the effect the last year has had on the dance world, and much more.

There is no fixed plan for these shows, so if there is something you would like to add to the conversation then drop the studio a line on our Contact Us page.


XTango @ Home

Live broadcast on Sundays at 22:30, and repeated throughout the week.

Less talking; more music. Join Graham G for his weekly session of neotango, electro-nuevo, and alternative tango music direct from the sets he plays at the live XTango events run by The Tango Underground.

If modern tango is your scene then this is your music.


Big Bands, with Graham

Originally broadcast early 2021; now rebroadcast through the week.

Take a stroll with Graham G through the world of the Big Bands and the Jazz Orchestras as he discovers all the tracks that he had forgotten all about.

"I grew up listening to big bands like Glen Miller and Ted Heath, but had never really noticed just how much of their music I had collected over the years. This show is my chance to explore it and see what hidden gems there might be in that collection."

These shows were originally live shows broadcast in the evening back when Jivebeat Radio was just starting to evolve, but they are definitely worth another listen.


Jive Talking

Coming soon...

Chat-show format interviews with dance teachers, event organisers, clothing designers, venue owners, DJs, and much more. We have lots of exciting guests lined up, and they will be coming to Jivebeat Radio very soon.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this series please get in touch.

When we are all able to meet again in person, come and join us at Tangosynthesis for dancing, music, and some much needed social interaction.