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Four shows per week, with most of them available on catch-up if you miss a broadcast or want to listen again. With no dancing at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic we all need something to keep us connected to the music we love, so tune in and chill out to the Midnight Chill show (Tue and Fri 11pm-Midnight) for a selection of the best Neotango, Alternative Tango, and Electro-Nuevo music picked from DJ Graham's XTango playlist. Or if bounce is what you need then listen to the Breakfast Show (Mon and Thu 9am-10am) with a selection of latin and Modern Jive music to get you moving.

If you have any requests then please press the big red button above or email Graham on and let him know.

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Over the course of the last few months, with the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept around the world, it has become increasingly clear that it is no longer enough to be simply “not racist”. If we are to have any hope of seeing racism and discrimination ended in our lifetimes we must instead take a stand and be actively “anti-racist”. How this manifests in a dance organisation is something that we are still working out, but the first step is to move our anti-racism message from an obscure policy in the depths of our website to a prominent position in everything we publish.

When we are all able to meet again in person, come and join us at Tangosynthesis for dancing, music, and some much needed social interaction.

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